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Controller’s Comments


Thanks to Dave for the courses and Sian/Steve for their organisation and all the DVO helpers for their work on the day.

Black Rocks is a tough area and it proved so on Sunday. We tried to ensure that we got the shorter courses for the juniors around path systems that were different to the local event that was held a few weeks ago. Ideally I would not have had the finish as high up the slope (to avoid the climb back up for the longer courses), but we felt that it was more important to have a clear route for the juniors.

It seems we got the shorter courses about right (White - Orange) as had no retirements and no long times. The other courses proved too long. The underfoot going proved tougher than I thought. We kept the courses to the shorter end of the recommendations, but with the climb they probably should have been even shorter. The other alternative might be to climb everyone to the top of the slopes (but having walked everyone along the trail this felt too much). There was a lot of growth of brambles and bracken in last 2 weeks (we didn't recognise a few of the sites which had been a lot easier then). However, I recognise that the courses were still too long.

The courses were constrained as we did not want people damaging the fences in and out of the central area, hence quite a few short legs, but what we tried to do is provide as much route choice as possible. Hence trying to have longer legs across the area near the end of Blue and Brown. I heard a lot of different routes so sounds like we achieved this.

A few points on sites. The track between 116 and 132 was not as visible as it had been previously. I had hoped that would have made access to those sites easier. I did get one person question 129, but we again rechecked it and believe this was correct. The other question was against 140 where I reinstated the one person who had not found it. The site used is probably too close to the building but the other site suggested is too far in the other direction. So looking back it may not have been the best site to use.

Mike Gardner

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