Results for Informal Event, Black Rocks, 12/04/2014

Organiser's comments

It was great to have so many people at the event today. There was a good show of DVO members (29) a few from other clubs (11) but more than half of the people participating (55) are not in an O club. Thank you to the team of helpers who made this busy local event go so well, Tony Berwick, Jane Burgess, John Cundill, Ann-Marie Duckworth, Rachel & Sam Davis, Mike & Liz Godfree, Andy Hawkins, Roger and Margaret Keeling, David Parkin, Andy Sykes.

This time last year we prepared for this event in the snow and re-planned the courses at the last minute to avoid icy downhill slopes. This year we were re-planning just two weeks before the event to comply with a request that courses should stay on paths in the clear-felled areas because of the possibility of ground nesting birds.

John Ragsdell was completely new to planning and it was good that his first set of courses were well received. He had to go home to ice an injured knee Some people were surprised at the technicality of the Light Green course but I think when they check their maps they will see that there were catching features for each control to ensure that the cost of an error should not be too great.

Judith Holt & John Cooke

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Next events:
Sunday 27th April, East Midlands League, Allestree Park, Derby.  Courses white to brown
Saturday 10th May, Informal Event, Ilam Park, Ashbourne.  Courses short yellow, orange, light green + training
Sunday 11th May.  East Midlands Urban League, Matlock.  Assembly at Cavendish Fields (as per recent Matlock Moor event). Usual urban courses 1 to 6, plus yellow.

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