Results for EM Urban League, Buxton, 21/07/2013

Planner’s Comments:

Many thanks to all who made the effort to come and run today in the first ever Buxton urban event and to everyone who came to say that they enjoyed their run, that's what makes it all worth while.

Many people struggled with control 145 (road west end), because they either did not read or misread the control descriptions.

Many people enjoyed the last bit through the housing estate as it provided some intricate navigation and genuine route choice.

The most frustrating thing for me was not being able to use the community school as this would have provided an excellent contrast to the housing estate in which it is located.

Many thanks to Kevin for being extremely efficient with his organising, to Ranald for giving me a good steer on course style and safety, to Kirsten for helping me put out the controls and to Joe and Rhys for helping collect them in.


Dan Riley


Controller’s Comments:

Firstly, thanks to Dan for his challenging and varied courses. He managed to take you into a variety of areas -  the old town, park, urban and a new housing area - requiring you to change technique regularly and leading to some making some basic errors near the end when tired. Some of the faster competitors commented that the courses were a bit short - you may not have thought so if we had the heat of Friday, the contrasting 'cool' today being a relief for many.

One particularly interesting set of results was on Course 5 (W65+) where only 92 seconds separated the five competitors. Unfortunately, we were unable to send this course into the old town because of length constraints but small errors counted a lot.

Thanks also to Kevin and his helpers and those who collected in controls at the end.

Ranald Macdonald, DVO


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