Results for DVO EM League Event, Crich Chase, 24/02/2013

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Planner’s comments

Planning on an area like Crich is a dream – so many options and a great map. There are additional depressions and boulders just too small to be mapped that caused one or two debates at the planning stage but I think most people felt the courses were accurate. I must thank the controller John Cooke for keeping me honest: he gently moved one or two of my initial tapes that hadn’t quite found the appropriate feature.

I hear that the undergrowth proved a hindrance to some on the day, especially the shorter courses that didn’t have the distance or climb to reach some of the faster parts of the area. Crich used to be a very runnable area but in common with many areas the undergrowth seems to be getting slightly higher season after season. It probably offers little consolation, but when I was taping sites before Christmas the undergrowth (both bracken and bramble) was higher than it was after the snows we’ve enjoyed this winter. The winning times were about what I was hoping for, so at least some runners coped with the terrain as well as their forerunners did at the events used to calculate course lengths.

As planner I knew I’d need assistance from many others in DVO. I must thank Mike Godfree for assisting in the printing and setting up the entry slips and results system. Organiser Chris Millard was great to work with and even found time and energy at the end of his busy day to bring some controls in for me. Dave and Sal Chaffey and Andy Jackson also helped on this front, making the control collecting much easier for the Bedwell family, all of whom had been drafted into hanging and collecting duties without complaint.

Dai Bedwell


String Course results: Crich Chase String Course Results  24/2/2013

NAME                        AGE                TIME

Ella                  5                      4:57

Peter                11                    2:24

Matthew          12                    2:31

Rosie               2                      16:59

Sam                 4                      6:41

Will                 3                      10:18

Ben                  9                      2:04

Leo                  2                      17:41

Ben M             9                      2:26

Oli                   4                      3:42

Charlotte         8                      2:09

Alice                10                    2:07

Alexia              6                      3:11

James               11                    2:11

Finlay              6                      3:04

Oliver              6                      2:48

Lewis              6                      3:06

Ewan               6                      3:23

Sam                 4                      5:17

Anna               12                    2:27

Libby               8                      2:24

Imogen                        12                    2:09



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