Results for EM League, Crich Chase, 15/01/2015

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Shorts  please note that BOF rules do not allow shorts to be worn unless approved in advance. There are several good reasons for this rule. Full leg cover protects the legs to some extent from brambles etc. Full leg cover reduces the chance of being bitten by ticks and similar organisms or transmitting blood born diseases.


Hurt Arms for the car park field.

Ambergate Cricket Club for the pavilion.

Mather Jamie on behalf of the Smith Estate for Crich Chase.

National Grid TransCo for the Hagg.



Ambergate Cricket Club £100

Macmillan Nurses (in lieu of an access fee) £100


Lost Property

A dibber has been lost which starts 206xxx.  Please contact organiser via enquiries below

Found Property Please contact via enquiries below.

A ring (Dress Jewelry)

An EMJOS Feather Banner.

A pair of black Ear muffs

Black glove


Thank you for coming we hope you enjoyed your run.




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