Results for DVO EM League Event, Hardwick Park, 08/09/2013

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Controller’s Comments
I think that this was a successful Level C event, with approximately 260 orienteers enjoying their courses in the sunshine, and with no reported injuries to orienteers, cows or fishermen.  Thanks must go to Zoe Gordon for her hard work on the organisation of the event and likewise to Andy Sykes for the course planning. 


I must apologise to competitors on Brown, Blue and Green courses who were affected by the incorrect positioning of control 120 in the eastern area.  For the first hour of the competition, this control was sited 40 metres north of where it should have been, due to a foul-up by my good self.  Because of good visibility in this area, the incorrectly sited control flag could be seen from its correct site, so I think that time losses should have been small and I have not asked for the relevant legs to be excluded from the course times.


The restrictions on crossing the fences became known to us at a fairly late stage in the planning cycle.  This led to something of a compromise about the use of crossing points, which I concede was not fully in accordance with best practice.  Because of this I did ask for specific instructions about the crossing points, including the fact that some of them were vehicle gates which may be climbed, to be displayed at Registration and  also verbally given at the Start.  I apologise if the message did not get through to everyone.


Feedback was received from a few Short Green competitors that they did not think that the Short Green course should require the climbing of gates. I hadn't expected this to be a problem, but I accept that it may have been in some cases and I would recommend that specific guidance about this issue should be added to the club's Course Planning Guidelines.

John Hurley

Organiser's comments:


We were lucky to have great weather and such an attractive venue for this event.  Thank you to everyone who participated and for the positive comments from Finishers returning to the car park.  Well done to all those string course participants!


I hope you enjoyed Andy's courses and the great facilities that Hardwick has to offer.  For those of you who attended the coaching I hope it helped your orienteering today....


Our thanks go to the National Trust for allowing us to use this beautiful area, Steven Sadler for his brilliant help and support and the NT staff, the Hardwick Inn, and of course the numerous DVO volunteers required – what a great team!


Finally a special thank you to Andy Sykes (Planner) and John Hurley (Controller) and the rest of the Gordon family for all their hard work, help and advice.


Zoe Gordon


String Course Results - Hardwick - 8.9.13







Ailith Smith


2 mins 29 secs

Astri Skinner

10 months

17 mins 25 secs

Ivan Smith


2 mins 26 secs

Sam Buckley


11 mins 41 secs

Molly Buckley


18 mins 52 secs

Hannah Chapman


8 mins 08 secs

Charlotte Chapman


4 mins 35 secs

Alexa Lindsay


2 mins 42 secs

Toby Williams


2 mins 51 secs

Daniel Stothard


3 mins 08 secs

Holly Howells


21 mins 18 secs

Alexa Lindsay


2 mins 48 secs




Well done everyone!




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