Results for Harvester Trophy 2003, Longshaw Estate, 15/06/2003

Noon Thursday Corrected splits on Relay B lap 1 (I had start time as 01:15 instead of 01:30 and although this was corrected during the event it didn't retrospectively correct the split times).
4pm Tuesday Uploaded corrected Winsplits file in light of bug and changes made by Mats: Winsplits on-line now giving sensible information.
Noon Tuesday Added Controller's comments. Team 34 NOCkneed made competitive.
5pm Monday Added Organiser's and Planner's comments.
10am Monday I've contacted Mats Troeng to find out why Winsplits On-line is displaying nonsense. I think the problem is at his end as the splits for BOC and BRC are similarly distorted.
9am Monday Looking into why Winsplits display is nonsense - thanks to Steve for pointing out the problem.
9pm Sunday Added link to Winsplits on-line (I failed earlier as I tried to upload the wrong file!) and downloadable splits files.
1pm Sunday Result set created and uploaded.

For Comments and Lost property select comments
For Winsplits on-line select Split times
For downloadable files select Download file: Zip archive containing winsplit.csv, a SPORTIdent CSV file of splits suitable for import into WinSplits, and, a TAB separated text file containing splits suitable to be opened by Excel.
For fastest splits select fastest splits
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Relay Courses
A Relay A 12, 5AX, 5AY, 5BX, 5BY, 7AX, 7AY, 7BX, 7BY, 9AX, 9AY, 9BX, 9BY
B Relay B 4, 5AX, 5AY, 5BX, 5BY, 7AX, 7AY, 7BX, 7BY

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