Results for DVO EM League, Longshaw, 09/09/2012

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Organiser's comments:


Thank you to everyone who came to the event (319 runs) and well done to all those string course participants! 


I hope you enjoyed Ro's courses and the 'warm-up' and 'warm-down' walks to and from the Finish were not too exerting.  We were lucky to have glorious weather and such a gorgeous location.  Added to that the Red Arrow flyover and delicious cake and tea supplied by the East Midlands Junior Squad.  The stall raised £123 which will go towards their training funds - thank you for supporting this.


Our thanks go to the National Trust for allowing us to use this beautiful area, in particular Chris Millner for his brilliant help and support, the Grouse Inn, Kniftons toilets and the numerous volunteers required.  DVO has it's own very special set of 'Gamesmakers', including family members who don't even orienteer!


Finally a big thank you to Ro Cole (Planner) and John Hawkins (Controller) and the rest of the Gordon family for all their hard work, help and advice.


String Course results

DVO Longshaw String Course

Name                   age     time 
Ben                    8       03:38 
Toby                   7       03:46 
Jamie                  10      03:48 
Toby                   7       04:44 
Euan                   9       05:44 
Annabel                5       07:37 
Iona                   8       07:46 
Finlay                 6       07:58 
Alexa                  6       08:28 
Isabella               10      08:49 
Marvin                 5       08:51 
Alessandra             7       08:53 
Teddy                  5       08:56 
Maddie                 5       11:44 
Alexander              4       12:03 
Henry                  2       12:08 
Charlotte              3       13:13 
Isabella               1       13:57 
Rebecca                4       14:18 
Sam                    4       14:37 
Isabella               6       14:53 
Emily                  9       14:54 
Alex                   2       14:55 
Matthew                3       14:57 
Niamh                  4       16:48 
Tess                   2       18:59 
Sam                    4       26:87

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