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Thanks to everyone for coming today and an even bigger 'thank you' to all those who lent a hand, especially my sisters and mother, for serving hot beverages, and of course, to my father on, among other things, parking and haulage duties.

I started work on the map in February last year. It would've been finished by the end of summer if we hadn't decided to stage courses suitable for juniors and so extend the area east to include the road-free Lumsdale Hillside (with its mud, bramble, and bracken). This gave me plenty of time to get a sense of the possibilities of the area. The courses benefited from that, I think, and I was very pleased to hear about the variety of routes taken, more even than I had anticipated. 

So, please - please! - enter your routes on Routegadget. I want to see where y'all went. I want to see the race.

Have a good year.
Richard Parkin

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