Results for DVO Colour coded, Whitesprings, 08/02/2003


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Organisers comments

A steep learning curve. The overall view of trying to organise my first DVO event.
I am most grateful to the band of very willing volunteers who steered me in the right direction on several occasions on Sunday. The main geographical problem was not being able to use either field adjacent to the start for parking. Parking along the road was also out thus we were directed to the higher field and a subsequent hastily reassembled registration. Despite the elongated layout all the competitors seemed to cope and enjoyed themselves.
So despite my nero-like fiddling, the DVO empire rallied round to make things run smoothly.
Next time you need an organiser - I've moved!
Only kidding. Thanks again to all those volunteers.

Paul Keetley


Controllers Comments

White Course  
Times as expected. There was little choice for variation on this course as several options had to be discounted due to the unrunnability of the paths.  

Yellow Course   The path network was severely restricted due to man-eating brambles and fallen trees. This gave the opportunity to provide a yellow course which was on the long side (2.6km) and a large climb. Nevertheless the course was much more interesting than the usual fodder of long whites. (several events recently have provided a yellow course which are only white standard)  
That said many of the legs were only white standard but longer than one would like for a white but OK for yellow. (planners please note children under 10 have a poor developed sense of distance and long legs should be avoided on whites)  
Many of the children stated they had enjoyed this course which followed the northern stream and gave a view of Hall Dale. Satisfied customers - good  
Times were longer than a normal yellow but that was to be expected - Value for money?  

Orange Course   An off the path yellow with two decision points per leg. Interestingly several runners cut the corner from the stream to the boulder - control 2. Good decision considering the the mess four-wheeled drive vehicles had made.   Surprisingly having made a good choice then from 4 (thicket on wall) they followed the wall to the next control rather than the path 30m south (which the yellow runners were taking)   Times as to be expected  

Adult Courses  
Times as to be expected. Some longer times reflects the phicality of the area. A shorter light green and green was difficult as a decision to cross the valley stream only at the fixed bridges was made. (Safety - this stream can be fuller and faster)  
Although the blue and brown were shorter than usual the physicality meant times were as expected. You should have seen were the taped route was going to be. Land slips and wet conditions meant original plans had to be shelved but not before Jim and I had got ourselves well and truly stuck!  
The clearing towards the end which Graham Johnson queried is probably not exactly mapped correctly. Several tapes from previous events (Doesn't anyone collect these aswell) suggest if this was wrong we were in good company.  

The Map  
Several area have changed since the map was prepared. Activity by the woodland trust, rampant rhodos, land slips etc have resulted in the need for a revision.   Steve Kimberley for one will cite the indistinct path which is best described as vague and only possible to follow walking. The new map should contain the northern moor, forty acre wood and the copses to the east if possible.  
Steve K's honest and interesting account is useful and this would make a welcome addition to the website  

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