Crich Chase Results

11h July 2003



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Yellow Course

Paul & Dominic Williams		24 mins.	1st
Eleanor &Madeleine Williams	26 mins		2nd
Helen Coe			35 mins		3rd

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Orange Course

	Orange Course	
C Brunt		58 mins	1st


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Light Green Course

Light Green
Dave Bray		48 mins		1st	
Liz Godfree		57 mins		2nd	
Emily Hopper		1hr 29 mins	3rd	
K Williams		1hr 40 mins	4th	Missed 9

Light Green Norwegian
Robert Shooter		52 mins		1st	
Robert Smith		1hr		2nd	
Graham Johnson		1hr 3 mins	3rd	
Mike Godfree		1hr 6 mins	4th	
Andrew Kempton		1hr 22 mins	5th	
Mike Gardner		1hr 3 mins		Missed 2 & 9
David Brodie		20 mins		Retired


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Stephen Kimberley