Drum Hill Summer League Results – June 27th 2003

Organisers Comments

If you want to put people off an event then make sure you have torrential rain, that makes it seem like you are also on a night event as it is dark, and make sure the main access point has a major accident on it so that there are major hold ups on it and the surrounding roads. Then have a car park which has a large number of people coming in and out to drop off kids at a weekend scout camp. Despite all of this 16 brave souls went out in to the woods of Drum Hill. Everyone deserves a medal for going out in that weather. My thanks go to Sue Russell  who helped put out the controls and Andy Mackervoy for agreeing to collect them in.

Light Green Course

1. Andy Sykes                      51:57

2. Dave Bray                         57:29

3. John Hurley                      67:40

4. Brian Denness                  70:34

5. Liz Godfree                        57:00 Missed Nos 6 & 7

6= Ian Parfitt                         Retired

6= Hilary Kane                      Retired

6= Rachel Davies                 Retired

6= Pauline Ward                   Retired

6= Brian Ward                      Retired

6= Dave Disney                    Retired

Challenge Course

1. Andy Mackervoy                            89:14

2. Mike Godfree                    Retired after 10

3. John Hopper                     Retired after 7

4 = Phil Pittson                     Retired after 5

4 = Emily Hopper &

Rob Williams                        Retired after 5


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