Results for DVO Level C, Riber Hillside, 15/04/2012

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Controller's Comments:

Being retired allows time to not only check control locations but to actually run some of the courses and most of the legs. This helped to avoid some of the brambles and some of the short comings of the map which is beginning to show its age. The courses are Brian's and looked good when I first saw them and I provided only the vaguest of nudges to the final products. The best route on the long leg to the gigantic pit(Brown, Blue & Green) was to climb from lower field corner to join track at the gate close to the oval field ringed by a wall - then straight passing marsh then old barns on left - bottom of the wooded re-entrant and in through the higher crossing point. Later starters who followed the 'elephant track' between 144 and 141 chose the wrong option - the lower route through the ' slow run ' was much quicker.

We could have done with more help collecting controls.

David Parkin

Organiser’s Comments:

Fifty things to do before you are 113/4 include climbing trees (The only reason they are put on earth for, surely), playing conkers (without safety goggles of course), go wild swimming, eat blackberries growing in the wild and many more things that primary school heads just would not allow. Can I suggest: No 51, Go orienteering on your own on an area like Riber Hillside.

I trust you all met the challenge set by Brian’s courses and appreciated the added bonus of homemade food served in such beautiful surroundings.

This may be the first time we have had chickens helping out at registration, a change from the headless ones running about in the woods.

Thank you for coming - I hope you all had an enjoyable time.

For more information on Garden Farm please visit

All this and all the lost property claimed before I got home.

Paul Wright

Planner’s Comments:

Riber presents planning challenges that push the start south for the junior courses and make significant climb through tough terrain difficult to avoid on the longer courses. I kept the course lengths short  but, none-the-less,  feedback from runners was pretty consistent that runs were very physical. The Blue in particular kept people out too long. Apologies if this spoiled your run; otherwise kudos for getting round. Hopefully the wonderful weather and the excellent facilities organised by Paul through Garden Farm will have boosted your enjoyment.


I would like to thank David for his help as Controller. Apart from providing valuable advice on courses, he was always willing to pitch in, often stepping well beyond his role in the process. At the end of a long weekend he offered to collect the most difficult controls, which, alongside valuable help from Ranald and Viv, made my job much easier.


Brian Denness

Comment from a satisfied customer

Just wanted to tell you that was the best O event I have attended in the 30 years of orienteering.
Great terrain, friendly people, well-organised, interesting route choices on Blue, and organic sausage baps and tea at end. And all in glorious sunshine of course!

A selection of photographs taken at the event are available from the following link: Riber Hillside Photos

Our apologies to those Short Green competitors who were given a Light Green map at the start.

String course results.

Alice Crane, age 9, DVO, 2:22
Charlotte Crane, age 8, DVO, 2:26
Anne Marie Duckworth, W45, DVO, 4:10
Oliver Crane, age 3 1/2, DVO,  4:48
Katie Spendlove, 4 1/2, ua, 6:07


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