Results for DVO Level C event, Shining Cliff, 15/01/2012

Tuesday 8:30 Short Green times revised as I had only taken out 102-137 and not as stated. Unfortunately it is now too late to modify the Route Gadget splits (as doing so removes any routes already drawn)

Monday 10:40  mistypes of e-card numbers corrected and course times corrected as detailed below.  I will submit these results for ranking on Wednesday if there are no further queries  Mike Godfree

The controller has agreed that controls 134 and 137 were misplaced.  We also know that control box 111 was faulty and only responding intermittently. 

The following adjustments have been made:
Short Green  times between 102 and 153 have been cut out omitting 137, course length reduces by 232m and climb by 30m.
Green  times between 142 and 156 (omitting 134) and between 102 and 153 (omitting 137) have been cut out, course length reduces by 326m and climb by 30m.
Blue  times between 109 and 134 and between 152 and 153 (omitting 137) have been cut out, course length reduces by 606m and climb by 30m. -
Brown  times between 109 and 134 and between 102 and 114 (omitting 137) have been cut out, course length reduces by 452m and climb by 40m.
(note in the case of blue and brown it is impossible to cut out the time between 134 and 111 as half the competitors don t have a time there and for those that do the time is suspect)

Planner s Comments

Apologies to any who felt their run was spoilt by the wrongly placed controls at 134 and 137. Thanks to all those who gave positive feedback (much appreciated), to all control collectors everywhere - they know who they are - and to Ann-Marie for her patience, constructive contributions and guidance without which the errors would have been multiple, believe me.



Our thanks to those of you who handed in their maps, if you would like one posted to you please let me have a postal address.  Also any other queries/comments to

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Results String Course


Shining Cliff String Course Results

Name			Age	Club			Time

Mackenzie Hodgson	6	DVO			16 mins
Louisa Brammer		7	Wrekin			5
Max Straube		2	OD			20
Charlotte Chapman	3	SYO			19
Eleanor Gordon		3	Crich Carr School	17
Arabella Lewis		3	-			22
Rachel and Brigid	8&11	DVO/Crich Carr		6
Fion Kelly		6	Crich Carr School 	15?
Monika Dent		7	DVO			7
Oliver Dent		10	DVO			6
Louis Cromack		6	EPOC			11
Thea Cromack		8	EPOC			10
Abby Cromack		8	EPOC			9
Marvin Gibbs		4	SYO			19
Tess Gibbs		2	SYO			19	
Sam Havenhand		4	SYO			18
Matthew Havenhand	2	SYO			19
Ella McCarthy		7	-			7
Robyn Tilsley		7	-			7
Will McCarthy		3	-			14
Phoebe Tilsley		3	-			14
Max Nieper		5	-			11
Orla Lynch		1	SYO			14
Eleanor Gordon & Brigid	3&11	Crich Carr School	?
Louis Cromack		6	EPOC			7
Thea Cromack		8	EPOC			7
Abby Cromack		8	EPOC			6

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