Results for Urban Event, Wirksworth, 01/01/2012

First our thanks to all of you who came today.  We are sorry the weather changed so dramatically for 11 o clock, it was fine at 9 o clock!

We are sorry that there was no chance of a junior course given the mapped area.  The British Orienteering Event Guideline for Urban Events is adamant that no-one under the age of 16 on the day can be permitted to run a course which crosses roads regardless of disclaimers etc.  Even with a large park it would still have meant a lot more planning and control hanging and this event was run with just the two of us.  I hope the mass start and head to head race didn t detract from your enjoyment but again this saved having to run a start involving more manpower.

A special mention to Stuart Thomson who after leaving control 19 on the Long Course took a path that went through the olive green and only realised this after he had taken the lead. The path is through sheltered housing and signs at the other end say it is private. Would anyone else like to be as honest?  Perhaps I should have added a control to remove the temptation.

Our thanks to the control collectors who got wet all over again.  Also to those who emailed to reserve maps as suggested.  It gave us confidence that we had indeed printed enough maps.

Route Gadget is now available.

This link shows the 20 Long Course control sites (there is just one short course control not shown) wirksworthcontrols.pdf

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