Results for EM Urban League, Wirksworth, 07/10/2012

There is a Buff for the leading man & woman in each category (whether East Midlander or not).  For those that did not collect on the day please contact to arrange collection.
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Planner’s Comments

What a wonderful day! I do hope you enjoyed the October sunshine and that you found your courses both interesting and challenging. My thanks to all of the teams working on the day but especially to Controller Mike Godfree for his helping and guiding hand.

Unfortunately towards the end of the day 2 controls were vandalised: 102 on a lamppost near to the start and 126 on the side of the skateboard park. I do not think that anyone was affected by 126  and only 1 person was affected by 102 and he has been reinstated in the results,

We decided to use the A4 laminated controls and hang the boxes in the middle at the top of the controls because we thought this looked ‘professional’. Little did we know that there were people about who would twist and turn the boxes until the plastic lugs gave way, They left the gripple wires and the cards intact! A lesson learned, perhaps there is a good reason to thread the wires through the dibbing hole.

Many thanks for coming to Wirskworth.



Controller’s Comments

My apologies for missing the incorrect control description for the start – we had had a separate start for a M/W12 course which wasn’t used and the description got left with the remaining start.  Thanks to Doug for spending a large amount of time on those courses which left me very little to do.



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